Monday, December 21, 2015

Take Up Your Arms and Reform the Line!

After the art museum, we moved along to Edinburgh Castle.  It was just getting dark as we walked up the courtyard, and the walls were slowly being lit up in this bright reddish-orange color.  The view was impeccable, up on the hill.  They picked a good spot all those years ago.

We walked through the first gate and found that there was no line, just a guy at the window saying that it wasn't worth what we would have to pay; that the museum was closing soon and the castle would also soon be too dark to see anything.  We were a little bummed but were glad that the guy told us before paying twenty pounds.  We did get to see the inner wall and gatehouse though!

We made our way out of the grounds and stopped at a little pub called The Castle Arms for a burger and a pint.  It was a cool, medieval street, and the inside of the bar had a lot of character.

And once dinner was over, it was time for Star Wars!!!!!  In the interest of not revealing spoilers, I will tell no more, although Andrew, Taylor, and I had a long discussion following his viewing in the states.  Go see it, form your own opinion, and then we can talk about it!

(photos by e.hunt)

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