Saturday, May 31, 2014

When I Saw the Future, the Geeks Were Right

A few weeks ago, I decided that I needed some new summertime work heels.  Nothing could beat my little ankle boots, but a little open-toe footwear wouldn't hurt.  I had some requirements though:

They needed to be a neutral color.

They needed to have an ankle strap so my ridiculously narrow feet wouldn't slide out while walking.

And they needed to have a wide heel.  One, because they are so much more comfortable and easier to walk in, and two, because they look a lot cooler.

This is what I ended up getting, fitting all of my prerequisites to a T.

(photos collected from lolobu, womenfashiongalaxy, and by e.hunt)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

An Indication of Their Proximity to the Sea

I have found the preppiest blog ever.  This classically beautiful, all-American-looking couple lives on a Northeastern coastline, went to the Kentucky Derby for vacation, every other post has to do with something nautical, she has a coat collection that rivals that of Blair Waldorf's, and they both wear pastels like nobody's business.  It's called Classy Girls Wear Pearls (I'm not surprised by that at all).  And it's not just their clothes, it's everything they do and all of their friends too.  They probably all became friends when modeling for Ralph Lauren.  I never thought that this much of an extreme actually existed, but it's kind of cool.  Check it out here.

(photos collected from classygirlswearpearls)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

You Walk That Floor and Wear Out Your Shoes

I've been looking for a new rug to go in my room, something in the 5x7ish range that I can overlap with Grandpa's old rug, which currently covers the floor at the end of my bed.  Surprisingly, the ones that I like the best are from Urban Outfitters.

Not sure why, but I really like the navy bird patterns on both of these.

And this golden yellow with grey and creamy white is just so sunny and delightful.  

What do you think?

(photos collected from urbanoutfitters)

The Best Kinds of Weekends Are Three Days Long

Like a true adult, I woke up at 9am this morning (the alarm was set for 10, but I guess my body decided it had had enough, as I fell asleep around 11:30 last night), walked up to Ugly Mugs for a cup of coffee, and was at the Flea Market by 11.

It's a great day for perusing the stalls, with the squinty kind of overcast sky, and not too terribly hot.  I saw some pretty neat stuff, like this copper cowboy plaque.

And this old set of chalk pastels.

This Africa-emblazoned pocketbook was pretty cool.

But this colorful scarf and mini wallet are what made the cut.

(photos by e.hunt)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Those Who Tell the Stories Rule the World

I found this cool infographic on pinterest that lists the top ten most read books in the world.  It is based on the number of books (in millions) printed and sold over the last fifty years.  The Holy Bible outranks the second entry, Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung by almost five times.  Harry Potter (I'm wondering if it's all of them or just the first one) follows by half the number of copies sold at 400 million.  The Lord of the Rings comes in fourth, at fourth the number of Harry Potter's, followed by The Alchemist, The Da Vinci Code, The Twilight books, Gone With the Wind (I was surprised by this entry), Think and Grow Rich, and The Diary of Anne Frank.  Each title after The Alchemist dropped by about 5-15 million.  Just a little literary trivial knowledge for your Sunday afternoon.

(photo collected from nagybomb)

Anaconda Blues

"The trick about creativity, if there is a single useful thing to say about it, is to identify your own peculiar talent and then to settle down and work with it for a good long time."
-Denise Shekerjian

(photos by e.hunt)

One and Twenty-Three More

The birthday celebrations continued on into last night.  Andrew and I went to dinner at Holland House to have fancy drinks and try out their entre selections.  We started off with some delicious fries to go along with our drinks (Old Fashioned and Tom Collins), and then came my cheeseburger and Andrew's shredded lamb pasta dish.  Thanks for the meal, Mom and Dad!

Last weekend we went to The Great Escape and I got The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers extended edition, which I have been voraciously watching this past week, and then Andrew surprised me for my birthday with The Return of the King!  The saga is now complete.  I definitely have my watching cut out for me for the next few weeks.

(photos by e.hunt, and a.hunt)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

In This Moment You Are the Oldest You've Ever Been, and the Youngest You'll Ever Be Again

This last Wednesday I turned twenty-four years old.  It was a bit low-key: I stopped and got coffee on the way to work, got lots of happy birthday's from my co-workers throughout the day, came home to fresh flowers from my roommate and a couple packages filled with presents from home, went out to dinner with Katherine, and met up with Andrew for a birthday Jackalope Bearwalker beer (my current favorite).  Here's to another great year!

(photo by e.hunt)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

When He Tried to Match the Ranger With the Big Iron on His Hip, Big Iron on His Hip

Andrew and I went out for pizza lastnight, at none other than the great Five Points Pizza, and then hung out at his apartment afterwards, listening to old records.  We covered quite a few genres, from Buck Owens, to the Rolling Stones, to Count Basie.  While listening, we analyzed each record cover.  Here's a few samples of the greatness.

(photos by e.hunt)

They Won't Be Houses of Glass, But of Ice, As I Dreamed

Having a casual Saturday: spending the afternoon at a coffeeshop, might stop by a thrift store on the way home.  There's a fourty percent chance of rain so I threw on a hat as I walked out the door, just in case.  The architectural mish-mash of a building behind me is one that I pass everyday going to and from work.  It's the new police station of downtown Nash.  Do you think they didn't have enough of any one material so they just put up the random pieces that they had, like a puzzle?

(photos by e.hunt)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Private Eye Strikes Again

Found this little stone fortress tucked away down behind a hill in the park the other day.  I wonder if the columns used to hold up a portico or some kind of domed roof.  It must have been grass-cutting day because there was a symphony of riding mowers and trimmers filling the air, but other than that, the atmosphere was quite lovely.

(photos by e.hunt)