Thursday, July 2, 2015

Front Porch Storm Chasing

The summer storm of the century rolled through the other night, and between the lighting, wind, strange sky colors, and suspicious clouds, it became quite the event.  Our front porch provides a perfect viewing platform, opening to three different directions.  We watched the lightning for a bit, with a representative running back to check the tv for updates every few minutes, before an ominous-looking cloud started to dip downward.  It was moving fast, and in a spiraling pattern; we were definitely watching the beginning formation of a tornado!  It eventually broke up back into the cloud line, but then the wind and rain started.  We could hear this roaring sound slowly getting closer and as we watched the rain wall hit our street, Dad yelled, "Get inside!" and he closed the front door right before the rain slammed against it.  I really wish I would have gotten some video of that scene; it would have been like a movie!  The rain ended almost as soon as it started, and the rest of the night continued without any further excitement, but that first hour was quite beautiful to see, in that 'wow, nature is crazy' kind of way.

(photos by e.hunt)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

When the World Seems to Shine, Like You've Had Too Much Wine, That's Amore

Wedding trip, down!  It was a lovely celebration filled with old friends and lots of laughs.  The rain stopped as my date and I walked to the venue, and we arrived just in time to see the couple's first dance.  They covered all of the traditional wedding activities; Father-Daughter dance, bouquet-garter toss, cake slicing, and our old Zeta dance song.  It was immediately followed by our cheerleader Roh-Rahh chant, and some pictures of the group.

When the festivities ended, our little group packed up and walked to our favorite bar, Finnegan's, and took over a whole section of tables.  We reminisced about old college times, discussed a wide range of movies, and laughed at everything.  My date and I finished out the evening at his place and decided the night was a great success.  The best part was seeing all my old friends together and having a great time helping Hannah celebrate love and marriage.  That's amore!

(photos by someone's date)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Climb On to Your Seahorse, This Ride is Right On Course

It's wedding weekend!  Yay!  I drove down yesterday through the picturesque, partly cloudy Ozarks,

And today it is rainy and gross.  Oh well, it's supposed to clear up this evening, and I'm hanging out at The Mudhouse for the better part of the day, which is a good spot to weather the rain.  I got my old favorite, made with soy milk though, and it was better than I remember!

(photos by e.hunt)

Meet Laddie

Remember when I got my first real-life car?  And decided that cutting all my hair off was a good idea?

Well, the lease on that car was going to expire next month so on Monday we went down to the dealership.  I had decided that the little Cruze had been a good car for the past three years and that I would just re-lease another one for the next three years.  I did a little research and picked out the Metallic Midnight Blue color, which they had!  And it only had five miles on it when we left the lot, which turned into eleven by the time we got home!

(photos by r.hunt, and e.hunt)

The Order of Light Progression

A few weeks ago Taylor and I were walking home from dinner at Dewey's when he spotted this perfect background opportunity at the back of a parking lot.  I handed over my phone and he started snapping away.  There was some really neat pre-sunset glow going on in between cloudy takeovers, so there's a large variety of lighting, and I really love how my bright blue shorts contrast with the yellow scooter and white wall.

(photos by t.hunt)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

If We Were Meant to Stay in One Place, We'd Have Roots Instead of Feet

Well, there's only seven days until I go to Springfield for a wedding,

Thirty days until Taylor and I go down to Nashville,

Fourty-one days until we go to the beach,

And only one hundred seventy-nine days until I meet up with Taylor for Christmas in Europe!!

(photos by e.hunt)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Snow Cone Season Has Arrived

Let me tell you a story of a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  Wait, wrong story.  It was a long time ago, though.  

Back before Andrew, Taylor, or I could drive and we would ride our bikes around good old Kirkwood.  At the Farmer's Market, there was this new little shack, probably no bigger than ten feet wide, with little walk-up ordering windows along the front.  Naturally, we were curious.  And then the early Summer day came when the sign went up and the little shack opened for business.  It was a snow cone shack!  We started going pretty regularly in that first summer, and then the next summer, we started having to wait in line.  It became the place to go, and you could barely find a spot to sit no matter what time of day it was!  Time went on and it became more and more busy, and we went less and less.

And then last week, Taylor and I went for a walk after dinner and decided to swing by the old little shack, and I realized I hadn't been in at least five or six years.  We both got our old favorites, mine being Georgia Sunshine and Pacific Sunrise, and they were just as delicious as they used to be.  It was the perfect summer treat, as it always was.

(photo by e.hunt)