Wednesday, October 12, 2016

We Lived in the Gaps Between the Stories

It rained most of the day today.  I really don't like rain but it made it a little cooler outside so today it was okay.  I went to Target on a mission to find a shower curtain and one of those accordion folder organizer things.  I have a big stack of old bills and paystubs and things like that all stuffed in a drawer that needed organizing so I thought that would be perfect.  It will probably end up back in a drawer at my new apartment, but at least they will be in order.  The shower curtain search was a success as well!  And I got two compliments on my rainy day jacket!

(photo by e.hunt)

Monday, October 10, 2016

To Make Clear at a Glance

Happy Monday!  I hope you all have had adequate time to recover from the debate last night.  I for one, cannot believe that there are still people who are defending Donny T's ridiculousness, absurdity, and stupidity.  Oh well, we have another week and a half or so until it will be time for more outrage at the next debate.  I had a lovely weekend.  On Friday we went down to Amigo's for some delicious Mexican dishes with our old family friends, the Stew's.  Afterwards they came back to our house for a rousing round of the Drawing Game!

Saturday was a stressful day at work.  Three people called in sick and we were busy my entire eight-hour shift.  I was very glad to not be the shift manager that day!  After work I came home to the immaculate smell of chili on the stove and an ice cold Octoberfest beer, so all was well.  The next night we had more good food down at Dewey's!

My apartment collection is growing.  The rugs I ordered came in last week and they will be perfect over the cream-colored carpet, Mom got me a nice pillow and a weird plant, and I found a great deal on a new quilt for my bed.  I've been wanting a grey one for a long time so I decided, why not start off my new apartment with some new bedding?!  The only other thing I'll need right away is curtains.  Eleven days until move-in!!

(photos by e.hunt)

Friday, October 7, 2016

Time is not a Thing That Passes, It's a Sea on which You Float

Here we are at another Friday.  Between work and school, this was a busy week for me.  I did make time to go get a pedicure though.  I picked out a nice, fall-leaves red color, and it was every bit as relaxing as I hoped it would be.

Taylor and I went to Kaldi's on Monday.  I got their Pumpkin Maple latte to try for a second time and it was still pretty good.  The Pumpkin Spice at Starbucks is a little overwhelmingly sweet for me but Kaldi's' version holds up pretty well.

Trip, the triple-ear bunny, made an appearance in our back yard again.  We were worried that he succumbed to the fox genocide that happened a month or so ago, but he survived!  And the rest of the bunny population is starting to come back up as well so we have little friends joining us in the yard during dinner again.

Do you all have any fun plans for the weekend?  I am working eight-hours both days, and Mom's sister Jenny is in town so I imagine we'll go to Dewey's one night for delicious pizza.  Other than that I don't think I'll be doing anything exciting besides packing.  Oh!  I got my official move-in date!!  October 21st, a week earlier than I thought, so now I really need to start packing!  Good thing I have Fall Break this upcoming week.  Have a lovely Fall weekend, everyone!

(photos by e.hunt)

Through Shadows to the Edge of Night, Until the Stars Are All Alight

Last Saturday after I got home from Springfield, I took a quick shower and we were out again.  Dad was playing music with Jay at the opening weekend of this new venue down in The Delmar Loop called The Delmar Hall.  We went early to grab some pizza across the street and get some good seats. We didn't have to worry though; there was a special VIP section for friends of the band.  After a while  Dad's two brothers, my aunt, cousin, and a few of their friends joined us.

It was a great show.  I don't listen to Jay's music all that much in my free time but it's always a treat to see them live.  You can tell the music is complicated and it is amazing to see them play and hear the songs.  We eventually moved down to the standing section for a better view, and better pictures!

The venue had this weird thing going on with the lighting.  It seemed like they bought all this expensive lighting, different colors and patterns, and felt like they had to use it even though it didn't really work with Jay's vibe at all.  It made for some cool picture effects though.

It's always fun to go see Dad play music.  We get to hear him playing all the time at home but it's not the same as when he's on the stage with hundreds of people cheering and singing along.  What a great night.

(photos by e.hunt)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Scotch, Rum, and Dancing the Night Away

It was another successful Springfield trip.  The drive was peaceful and because it was overcast, I had awesome views like this the whole way down!

I got in around dinner time and went to Bread Co for a salad and worked on a few things before meeting up with friends for the night.  Hannah and I met up downtown at this place called Scotch and Soda.  We went for a while last time I was in town and I thought it'd be fun to go back.  It's has kindof an old-time English vibe, and they don't blare pop music so we could talk and catch up.  I got a Tom Collins and it was quite delicious.

Then we headed over to this new place on the square called The Golden Girl Rum Club.  I think it's my new favorite.  It had a Hawaiian theme and was bright and happy.  We got two spots at the bar and ordered daiquiris.  I thought a festive frozen delight would be fun but when they came up they weren't frozen at all!  Oh well, they were still very good.

After that we met up with some of Hannah's friends and went to a club for some late night dancing.  The group made a little circle to keep the creepers away and it was quite fun.  I haven't been out dancing in a long time so it was a nice change of pace.  After a while I was ready to leave and meet up with an old friend who is a fraternity house father.  It's kindof weird going back to the Quad now that I'm so much older, but it's worth it to catch up with old friends.

(photos by e.hunt)

Friday, September 30, 2016

The Things That Make Me Different Are the Things That Make Me Me

Happy Friday, everyone!  It's a bit overcast and chilly here, with highs in the low 70's the next few days.  Ahhhh, actual Fall weather.  I'm heading down Springfield-way this afternoon before spending all of my upcoming off days preparing for the big move to my apartment.  I will be calling my friendly landlord for an official move-in date on Monday.

I opened the store as shift manager twice this week.  Both days things went wrong, but were able to be fixed.  Yesterday I had to switch a few breakers to get things up and running!  Good thing too, it was National Coffee Day and combined with the cooler weather, we had a line to the door from 6am on, and only four people behind the counter.  It was absolutely nuts, but we survived!

School is still going well.  I got a high B on my Economics test that I was really nervous about, which is better than I expected.  And now I know how to study for the next one so hopefully I'll do even better!  I got into a discussion with the teacher last night about how standards-based education makes electives like art, music, and gym, almost obsolete.  His opinion was that if the elective teacher can't explain how their class supports the standards, they shouldn't be teaching.  I explained that the standards sometimes pander to the lowest forms of thought and that electives not only encourage innovative learning and creativity, but allow students a break in an otherwise boring day.

I think that having specific standards for students to achieve is a good thing, but the entire world is not based on math and english knowledge, especially since almost everyone I know as an adult can't remember how to do anything more than the most basic algebra and misuse your and you're all the time.  The other point in this argument is that electives like home-ec, sewing, and shop are much more valuable life skills, especially in this time when traditional college isn't always the best option post high-school.  I think it would be a disservice to our future society to discontinue elective courses just because they might not support some pre-laid out, limited standards of knowledge.

Anyway, maybe I'll break out my chalk pastels in the next few days!  I haven't taken any pictures recently so today's posts included recent Instagram findings; I hope you enjoyed them!

(photos collected from theprettycitieslovespringfieldgeninneurbanoutfitterssausagedogcentral)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Thirty Days Has September, April, June, and November

This is the last week of September, already.  Now we just need some of that chillier Fall weather to kick in, then maybe it'll make the time feel like it's slowing down.  This last week was a busy one; we had a couple days of rain, I had to go into work during my off time to do some online training, I worked on a few little homework assignments,  and did some other mundane workweek things.  I bought some pumpkin ale to celebrate the official first day of Fall.  Schlafly's version seems to be a bit sweet this year so it's more like a dessert beer.  I probably won't get it again.

I ordered a ZTA sticker for the back of my car so I can tell it apart from all the other little navy blue sedans that look like mine.  Ahhh, sorority girl nostalgia.

This past weekend my Uncle Paul was in town for Nana's birthday.  We all went to Dewey's on Saturday then headed over to Debby's for a little after-party on the patio, which was quite fun.  Then last night we went to a steakhouse called Citizen Kane's for the official birthday dinner.  I went for the seafood option of Shrimp Scampi rather than a giant steak, and it was delicious.  But the desserts were the highlight.  We ordered a few to pass around the table including cheesecake, chocolate chip cheesecake, and a layered chocolate cake.  All were doused in whipped cream and were extremely good.  And afterwards we were all so full and tired that we went straight home to bed!

(photos by e.hunt)