Friday, January 13, 2017

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful, But the Coffee is so Delightful

Happy Friday, everyone!  We are currently experiencing a winter ice storm; it is expected to continue through Sunday.  And not two days ago it was sunny and in the 60s.

I was lucky enough to be off work today so I am enjoying a leisurely morning catching up on Pinterest, drinking coffee from the little snow bears mug, and watching the ice rain fall outside the window.  It has been lovely.

I plan on not going outside at all today.  Yesterday I, along with every other person in the world, went to Schnucks to pick up a few things in anticipation of the storm.  While it took a while to get through the check-out line, it was worth it to not have to venture out today, and everyone was really friendly.  Nothing like a little crazy St. Louis weather to draw people together.

Mom also stopped by on her way home from work yesterday.  A couple days ago I stopped in our local Goodwill and found quite a few gems, including this seemingly brand new, super comfy, perfectly grey, tufted chair!

It was originally from Target.  I looked up the price online and I don't know who donated such a nice chair with nothing wrong with it, but thank you to them because I got it for a fraction of the retail price!  A kindly gentleman behind me in line helped me fit it in the backseat of my car then Mom helped me get it out and up the stairs to its new spot by the window.  Doesn't it look great?!

Not only did I find the fabulous chair on this particular Goodwill trip, but also a couple pieces of decorative dishware.  A few months ago I found a pair of lusterware plates with a beautiful handpainted Asian landscape on them.  I only bought one but then Taylor really liked it so I went back to get the other one and it was gone!  Lo and behold, the other day I found another similar plate with a different, more blue landscape on it.  I picked it up and a second one was underneath it!  I snatched them both up, along with a cool vase, gave one to Taylor and kept one to go with the first one.

It was an exciting day.  Anyway, I hope you all are warm and cozy on this icy day.  I can see the road from my window and it doesn't look that bad.  Hopefully they don't freeze up overnight -- I'm supposed to work bright and early in the morning.

(photos by e.hunt)

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Sudden Flash of a Thought

I took down my little Christmas decorations the other day.  I didn't have much but it's always sad to close up the happy, festive Christmas season.  Rather than completely taking down my tree-of-lights though, I decided that I really liked having that wall in between the two windows with lights on it.  I like having some form of light on when I come into my apartment and over the holiday season I started just leaving the Christmas tree plugged in.  Before that I would just leave on the ceiling lights but I really didn't need that many on while I was gone so the tree was a good alternative.  So, I altered the tree to be a year-round Tree of Life!

(photos by e.hunt)

The Cold Line

We had our first snow of the year this last Thursday.  It wasn't a lot but it was pretty.  I was of course opening at work, but we were a little slower than usual and got to look at the still-falling, glittery snow falling outside the big windows.

It was brighter out when I got off work so I was able to appreciate my brick apartment building covered in snow; notice the freshly shoveled sidewalks!   

Last night I went home for a delicious chili dinner and we ended up looking through some old photo albums.  I found this gem of Dad, me, and Andrew playing in the snow in 1993.  I don't remember this far back but I remember in later years when we would go sledding down the driveway or build little snowmen in the front yard and Mom would have hot cocoa waiting for us when we came inside and took off all our multiple layers of snow-things.  I hope we get a little more snow this winter.  As much as I hate the cold, I do like looking out the window to see a snowy winter wonderland.

(photos by e.hunt)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; You're Our Only Hope"

The week between Christmas and New Year's was pretty uneventful.  I worked a lot and did my own, quiet thing for a few days; it was a lot of family-together time over the holidays!  New Year's Eve came and went.  We went out to dinner then I went home and went to bed.  I welcomed in the new year by waking up at 4:45 and opening the store!

It was okay though.  After a week of people being after-holiday crabby, our customers were actually pretty nice and we were slower than we have been since before Thanksgiving.  After a nice nap that afternoon I went home for the first feast of 2017!  Dad picked up a couple big beers from the store for celebration!

Did anyone set any New Year's Resolutions?  I want to produce some kind of art once a week, whether that's keeping a sketchbook or working on a more long-term pastel piece.  Mom gave me some charcoal, an 11x17 sketchbook, and a 72-piece chalk pastel set for Christmas and I plan to put them all to good use!  

Carrie Fischer passed away on the 27th, and it did effect me a bit.  She, as Princess Leia in Star Wars, has always been one of my celebrity heroes.  In all the movies we watched when I was growing up, she was a great inspiration.  Yea, there were the lovelorn ladies of the Disney movies, the femme fatales of the James Bond movies, and the damsels in distress of the Westerns, but Leia was different.  She stood for what she believed in, didn't fall head over foot for the first random guy she met, destroyed a nasty slug lord who held her hostage and made her wear the gold bikini, and helped topple an evil empire.  She also looked great while doing all of these things.  In her honor I did my hair in the Leia-on-Hoth fashion.  It's not perfect, but I figure, if I keep doing it every once in a while it'll get better.  Next up will be her braid from Jabba's Palace!

(photos by e.hunt, and g.hunt, and collected from plentyofpopcorn, and shortlist)

Look at What You Just Saw, This is What You Live For

Happy late Christmas everyone!  And happy New Year!  Hope you all had a lovely time with family and enjoyed any extra free time.  We had a grand holiday and as such, my four days off work didn't really feel like off days. They were busy, but in a good way.  The Nashvillians arrived a little before dinner that Friday before Christmas and we walked down to Dewey's for a welcome-home pizza.

Christmas Eve morning we all met up at Kaldi's for a morning coffee and pastry.  After that we all had some things to do on our own before meeting back up that afternoon.  I helped Mom make some little desserts!

A while later we piled in the cars and left for the Hunt family party.  We all caught up and ate plenty of good food.  At the dinner table we played a version of the Drawing Game.  Rather than just sketching the person across from you, we did a blind contour drawing, meaning you can't look at your drawing, and you can't lift your pencil up off the page.  It was quite fun.  When dinner was over, we moved into the living room for the present-exchange game.  After that, Sara and I examined and compared the ornaments on their tree while everyone sat around chatting before saying our goodbye's and merry christmas's and heading home for the night.  

I had packed a bag to stay at home that night so I wouldn't miss a second of the Christmas cheer.  Everyone slept in so we would be all well-rested for the day.  After preparing coffee and breakfast, we began opening the mountain of presents that had taken over our living room.  It was a great year for gifts; lots of well-thought out and useful presents for each person.  My gifts to others were a little Star Wars/Starbucks-heavy, but everyone liked them.  Taylor gave me another one of his photo prints to match the pair he gave me a couple years ago, and Andrew gave me a series of Star Wars movie poster prints.  Both look smashing hung up in my apartment.

After all gifts were opened and all the wrapping paper was collected, everyone got dressed and began preparing for that night's party at our house.  Dad made an awesome Christmas dinner with ham, salmon, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  Everything was delicious, especially when paired with Uncle Gary's pre-dinner Christmas eggnog.

A jolly, festive time was had by all!  After everyone left Taylor and I watched The Empire Strikes Back and I stayed the night in my cozy, second-floor bedroom.  The next day Mom and I went down to Ikea, which was fun but a little disappointing.  We each got a couple little house things though.  After that I packed up everything at home and went back to my apartment to get it set up for the party I was hosting for all the cousins that night.

Everyone arrived at different intervals so I ended up giving about six different apartment tours!  We all sat in the living room (I had to use every single seating surface available to accommodate everyone!) discussing life and sharing fun stories while enjoying drinks; it was a great time.  I wish I got a picture with everyone!  Oh well, happy New Year from me!!

(photos by e.hunt, r.hunt, and j.daily)


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Common to People Caught Up in Revolutions

It seems like I have done nothing but work, sleep, and wrap presents the last few days.  Because I requested days off around Christmas, I was scheduled to work long, long opening shifts this whole week.  It will be worth it after tomorrow though and I am off for FOUR days!!  Today I found someone that wanted hours so I was able to leave a couple hours early, which was nice.  I just got up from my nap and am having a cup of coffee by the window.

After this I have to dye my hair so it'll be nice and vibrant for all the festivities, run an errand or two, pick up something for dinner, straighten up the apartment, and finish wrapping the last few gifts.  To match my tree, I went with a white, blue, and subtle green color scheme for the wrapping paper.  Looks pretty good, don't you think?  Andrew and Juliana get in tomorrow night so today is really my last day to get everything done before Christmas time is really here!  Hope you all are caught up on your to-do list before things get going for you!

(photos by e.hunt)

Monday, December 19, 2016

Festive Festivities

Christmas is officially less than a week away!  I finished up my Christmas shopping today and am in the middle of the wrapping storm.  This is good because today was my last day off before the festivities start on Friday.  Andrew and Juliana will arrive that night and then it's Christmas Christmas Christmas!  I'm thinking about packing a bag and just staying at home for those few days and get the full family experience.

Isn't that a great picture?  Mom posted it on Instagram today.  So festive.  Speaking of festive-ness, I'm starting to think about what to wear to Christmas Eve with the Hunt side of the family and then Christmas dinner at our house.

I could go the super-holiday route and wear some plaid.

Or choose something more sparkly.

I have a few already that would work: a winter white shift dress with a flower print on the bottom, a loose black dress with cool gold detail on the sleeves, and a red velvet skater dress.  I'm thinking the last two would look good with belts, or maybe my flower headband with the red one.  I still have a few days to decide though so we'll see.  It'll be a surprise!

(photos by r.hunt, collected from flickr, bloglovin,, collagevintage, and by e.hunt)