Sunday, October 4, 2015

Yabba Dabba Doo!

Today, I served coffee to John Goodman.  Yes, this John Goodman.

He came in with one of our semi-regulars, and I thought it looked like him, but didn't really know.  Then our regular asked, "Do you want anything, John?"  And when he responded, I knew it was him. Also, I had been told by my fellow baristas that he grew up in the area and sometimes comes into our store.  He was very polite and asked for a large dark roast coffee and a croissant.

Before they left, our regular came up to get refills, saying, "Mr. Goodman would like a topper, please."  Because he called him that, I knew he wanted some recognition, so I said that I recognized him by his voice, and he went on to say that they went to high school together and were on their way to a reunion.  And on their way out the door, John Goodman looked over at me, waved, and said, "Thank you."  Pretty nice guy for having been in 142 movies, and still going strong.

(photos collected from drnorth.wordpress, dailyfilmdose, rolling stone, and movpins)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Like A Fine Red Wine

I'm getting my hair dyed this Tuesday, and I'm thinking of doing an all-over color rather than just subtle highlights.  I'm ready for a change in my look, and while I feel like I've found the best cut, and the best makeup looks, I want to switch something up.  A new season, a new color, right?  I'm thinking a really deep, burgundy red.  The kind that has some really nice purple undertones in certain light.  It'll still look fairly natural, but add a bit of fall spice to all my neutral clothing.

And this one is a little too pastel for right now, but I do think it looks really cool pulled up like that.

(photos collected from aelida, hairandsalons, youtube, and jotokyo.blogspot)

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Treachery of Contrast

I've been really into fall florals this year.  It's a little darker and more unexpected than the traditional 'April showers bring May flowers' kind of floral.  I also like the fall palette background colors behind brighter blooms; makes for a nice, almost oxymoron mix.  And you can't really beat the beauty of nature, even in all its simplicity.

(photos collected from urbanoutfitters, galmeetsglam, flickr, xovain, wonderlandpdx, thisisglamorous, anthropologie, and natalie-dressed)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Shocking, Positively Shocking

I just got off the phone with England, darling.  England.  Taylor and I looked up movie times for our two must-sees, Spectre and Star Wars, and found out some surprising news.  Spectre comes out over there at the end of this month, so we will be seeing it beforehand on our respective side of the pond, and then hope it'll still be in theaters when we're in London.  You can't go to London and not see a James Bond movie.  And Star Wars, well, we thought it was coming out Christmas Day and we were all excited to see it in Paris on opening night (seven hours before everyone else we know!), but today we found out that it is coming out the 16th, 17th, or 18th depending on what country you're in.  In Edinburgh, where we will be, it comes out on the 17th.  Taylor signed up for the email reminder of when tickets go on sale so we'll still be going opening night, and still ahead of all our friends in the US.  So excited.

(photo collected from etsy)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Little Sleeping In, A Little Culture, and A Little Shopping

This last week I opened at work four days in a row and on the fifth day, I had to be there at 7am, which isn't too much better.  I was well on my way to becoming an actual, real-life zombie until today.  I didn't have to work at all!  That meant that last night I could stay downstairs and watch a movie!  Guess which one!

Lord of the Rings!  It truly is a beautiful thing to see on our sharp new tv.  Ahh, and since I'm off tomorrow too, disc two is on the docket for tonight!  I slept until much later than 6am today and then met up with a friend from work to go down to the history museum.  She had to go for a class and since I'm a history person, she thought I would make it more fun.

First we walked through the St. Louis in 1875 exhibit, which focused on maps and had some really nice graphic design-work going on.  After that we made our way over to the World's Fair section, which was also very well done.

And later this afternoon, Mom and I went to the mall for a little fall shopping.  We each got a new sweater, and I also found a pair of jeans and a dress in a really great, rich green color.  Yay for successful shopping trips!  Don't forget to look for the special eclipse tonight!

(photos by e.hunt)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Smooth Signs of Change

Tomorrow is the official first day of fall, and we get to wear jeans and flannel shirts at work tomorrow to celebrate.  As much as I live and breathe summer year-round, I'm ready for the season shift.  I've gotten a few new sweaters and boots that I'm ready to start breaking in, and now that the loft is all clean again, I'm just waiting for a little cooler weather for it to be a comfortable sleeping environment again.

(photo by e.hunt)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Never Laugh At Live Dragons

I wore my Lord of the Rings map dress the other day.  It's a piece that's always fun to pull out: one, because it is a physical representation of one of my favorite things, and two, because it reminds me how fun it was printing out maps and painting all the little details on the dress.  I'm glad I included all the major stops in the journey; Rivendell, Rohan, Gondor, and even Mordor.  Cheers to Middle Earth!  May it keep inspiring us all.

(photos by e.hunt)