Saturday, October 21, 2017

Geek Out

About two months ago one of my old college friends invited me to a Halloween party at her house.  The party is next weekend but because she made the event so far in advance, I'm thinking that people are going all out with their costumes.  I've been brainstorming ideas, most of whom had to do with my favorite fantasy series (Leia from Star Wars, Sansa or a direwolf from Game of Thrones, Boromir from Lord of the Rings, etc.), but time went by and I didn't make a decision early enough to make a good costume for any of those.  Luckily, I already have a costume in the reserves that I figured I could tweak enough to make it look new and different.  Remember two years ago when I dressed as Link from The Legend of Zelda?

This year I'm altering the costume a bit and going as Dark Link, which involves wearing black clothes instead of green, some red eye makeup, and a little facelift for the accessories.  I've spent the last couple nights painting the shield so it's more befitting of Link's darker alter ego.

It'll be a fun night.  And speaking of my geek interests, one of my work buddies found a Lord of the Rings sign board asking if customer's had already had their "second breakfast" yet and I just had to draw up a version on our sign board.  "I don't think he knows about second breakfast, Pip."

(photos by r.hunt, e.hunt, and collected from youtube)

A Year Ago, Today

Can you believe it's been a whole year since I moved into my little apartment?!!  Yep, one year ago today I signed the lease and began carrying in box after box and smaller furniture items.  The next day, which was Saturday, the whole family came over to help.  Andrew even came up from Nashville!

It really is the perfect little apartment for me, and I've enjoyed making it a home over the last twelve months.  Below are a few before and afters, in case you haven't been over in a while.  Here's to the next year in Apartment#8!

(photos by e.hunt, g.hunt, and t.hunt)

Like We've Never Been Apart

A couple weeks ago I woke up early, Mom drove me to the airport, and a few hours later I stepped off a plane in sunny and hot Austin, Texas!

Our first stop was this cute little brunch place in an old house.  The owner was a client at Kaitlin's vet clinic so our waffles, eggs florentine, and mimosas were on the house!

After that we went back to Kaitlin's apartment to hang out with her dog, Hailey, and take a little nap before the evening's festivities.  We started off the night by going to a dance studio for a stiletto dance class with some people for Kaitlin's work.  The instructor was really sassy and fun and we learned a minute of choreography to a BeyoncĂ© song.  I'm not a great dancer but it was really fun, and I even kept my heels on the whole time.

Next on the agenda was another work event: a birthday party!  One of her work buddies was turning 40 so she made a massive playlist with hits from each decade she's been alive.  Pretty cool idea for a party.  Kaitlin's work friends were all very welcoming and fun.

The rest of the trip wasn't as heavily scheduled, so the next morning we slept in before putting on our hiking shoes and heading to Turkey Creek, a hiking trail a little outside of town.  I had heard that Austin was a little like Nashville, but while driving around I realized how alike they are.  I mean, Nashville doesn't have any palm trees, like Austin does, but the look and the overall vibe was eerily similar.

We brought Hailey along for the hiking fun.  She loved walking by other dogs we passed, and splashing through the water to cool down.  I have to say I was a bit nervous that she would be a little out of control, but she was very well-behaved the whole time I was there; not even a single bark or jump-up to put her paws on you.

That night we went to this cool, sour beer brewery and played Banana Grams, the mini Scrabble-like word game!  It was a neat building, and the bartenders were very knowledgeable and helpful, but I wasn't a huge fan of the sour beer flavors.  After a late meal at a burger place, we went back to her apartment and stayed up late talking, just like old times back at Drury.

The next day Kaitlin made waffles for breakfast before we drove downtown to peruse the area called Congress Street.  It had a bit of a Delmar Loop-like feel, lined with little shops and restaurants.  Everything was kindof pricey, but we did get a slice of pizza at Kaitlin's favorite food truck before leaving.  That night we decided to go out for Mexican food at this place close to the University.  With all the college kids around we started reminiscing about Drury and how much fun we had.  We talked about our tiny freshman dorm room with it's sixties built-in furniture, how sometimes fun and sometimes weird it was being in Zeta, all the people we used to party with and what they're up to now, and of course how much fun being roommates was.  The whole trip it was like we had just been apart for the summer, not for over five years.

We decided that while talking on the phone every few weeks is great, we cannot let another five years go by before another epic reunion trip.  Luckily, Kaitlin's Dad and her sister are both moving to Springfield in the next couple months.  She's planning on driving up there for a few days around the holidays and I'll drive down for an overnight while she's there.  And then sometime in the next couple years, it's her turn to come visit me here in St. Louis.  I had such a great time hanging out with an old friend and exploring a new city.  It's sad that she lives so far away but it just means we have to work a little harder to stay in touch - I don't think we'll ever have a problem with that, though!

(photos by e.hunt, and k.horner)

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Force is Strong With This One

Why hello, everyone, and happy Fall!  After it got up to 90 this last Saturday, I'm thinking our lower temperatures are here to stay.  I even saw a few red and gold-leaved trees on my way to the dentist this morning.

I'm happy to have a day off after an eventful weekend.  Andrew and Juliana were in town for one of his childhood friend's wedding, and between trying to see them amid their crazy schedule and my early-morning work hours, it got a bit hectic.  We did manage to all meet up for dinner at Dewey's on Friday night.

After that we walked home and had a little gift-opening party for Andrew's 30th birthday.  His actual birthday wasn't until Sunday but because of the previously mentioned scheduling issues, this was the only time we would all be together.  Happy Birthday, Andrew!

(photo by r.hunt)

Monday, October 2, 2017

The Constitutive Pattern of the Universe

Happy October!  The other day I watched a big truck deliver all the pumpkins to the church pumpkin patch right outside my window.  October was the month I moved in to my apartment last year and I loved looking out the window and seeing stacks of pumpkins and hay bales.  There's still quite a bit of leaf-cover going on right now but as the month continues, and the leaves fall, I will be able to see it again!

(photo by e.hunt)

Turns Out I Lost Myself to the Summer Wind

Well, as anybody who lives here knows, it did not stay hot over the next week or so as I was ranting about in my last post.  Turns out my Weather app wasn't loading to my exact location, but to Grayton Beach, Florida!  I didn't even look at the location at the top of the page so I just thought we were back up to hot weather!  Not sure what app glitch made that happen but it's fixed now and we are experiencing lovely weather in the 70s, and low 60s in the early morning when I go to work.

(photo by e.hunt)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I Lost You to the Summer Wind

It is still unpleasantly hot here in the Midwest, and is projected to stay hot for the next week or so.  What happened to the highs of low 70s that was expected to start tomorrow?!  I'm ready to turn off my air conditioner and sit out on the balcony without frying up and attracting all manner of bugs.  I'm ready for red and yellow leaves, boots, and light jackets.  Come on, Fall, work with me!

I did see a rather pretty sunset cloud formation the other night though.  It started out with bright pinks and yellows then turned grey and lilac as it got darker.