Friday, November 30, 2012

The Pinhole of Understanding

Let it be known that I, your friendly neighborhood blogger, have found the coolest-looking group of picnic benches that have been packed up for their long winter's nap.

(photos by e.hunt)

A Hip-Twisting Good Time

Dancing; it's contagious.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

With Lion-Toothed Crevases

Black lace in black and white.

I found this little gem at a thrift store, and it's kindof hard to tell, but the entire top layer is that beautifully delicate lace, with a solid black slip underneath.  Whenever I wear it I feel like I should be aboard The Titanic going to a fancy dinner party or something.  Amazing that a single piece of clothing can inspire that much imagination and such an emotive response.

(photos by r.hunt)

A Lively Elicitation

So, apparently pictures of the tracks particles leave when they collide in a particle accelerator machine look really awesome.

This is a color version taken at CERN, the European particle physics lab in Geneva, Switzerland.  I've been there.  All of the science stuff happens underground, but the inside showroom/museum thing is still pretty cool to see.

Bonus Trivia: It also happens to be the cover of The Strokes album, Is This It.

(photos collected from googleimages, and by e.hunt)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cool Never Fades

If you're due for a vintage treat, check out

Even if you're due for a modern treat, scroll on through the site.  You're bound to find your favorite awesome person hanging out with other awesome people, generally wearing and/or doing something, well, awesome.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Hillbilly Delicacy


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In the Moment of the Meantime

Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday was complete madness, hearing constant Christmas music in public places is inevitable...I guess it's time to start thinking about what gifts to get people, and what my Christmas dress will be.  Funny, when I was going through my inspiration files, I picked all neutral-colors, except for one.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Where Citizens Saunter

In which standing in front of brightly colored walls is a good idea.

(photos collected from oraclefox, glamour, googleimages, and by r.hunt)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Je Vous Presente

I saw Skyfall for the second time this weekend (and most certainly not the last).  It was just as good as the first viewing.  Sorry if you're not into it, but maybe this inundation of posts will convince you to see it if you haven't yet.  This time, rather than being about Mr. Bond, it is about his trusty sidekick Ms. Moneypenny.  She has quite the wardrobe herself.

A monochrome outfit at its finest; it looks like one piece, but upon closer inspection, you can see the subtle color difference between the top (with cuffed sleeves!) and the skirt, which is pulled together beautifully by that simple belt.

And this is how I would like to dress if I ever get an office job.  She takes the classic (but boring) button-up and A-line skirt combo and amps it up, which is a typical Bond way of dealing with things.  Cuffed sleeves once again, and the thin black lines on the neckline and pockets work quite nicely with the deep mustard of the skirt, a color which, in my opinion, hardly ever is pulled off this well.

And in the fateful moment when she takes her seat outside M's office, a pale, sky-blue shift dress with subtle, yet strategic origami folds fits the playfulness of her personality as well as the office appropriateness of working in a government agency.  Well done, Ms. Moneypenny, well done.

(photos collected from googleimages)

Go Ask the Dust for Any Answers

In honor of my favorite spot in good old Kirkwood (where I happen to be at the moment), here is the story of how coffee came to be, and where the name of my spot began.  Kaldi, you were one smart lad.

In the hills of 6th century Ethiopia, a young goatherd named Kaldi searched the land for his lost goats.  In due time, he found them by a bush, eating its dazzling red berries.  Kaldi's normally sluggish flock began to prance about with vigor.  They ran up hillsides.  They danced around trees.  Kaldi reasoned that the coffee berries prompted his goats' high spirits.  What's good for the goat is good for the goatherd, he thought, and chewed some berries himself.  Soon, he too began to prance about with unusual vigor.  It didn't take long for those coffee beans-and word of their stimulating effects-to travel the world.

(photo collected from stlmag)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

All This Time I've Spent Running Away

I found this secret little path hidden by trees and vines and all manner of other greenery a few years ago while I was running.  It leads to a stairway that takes you down a little hill, whereupon you are practically standing on the traintracks.  Today, I was lucky enough to stop by when there was a train charging down the tracks (however; I think that much charging freaked out my camera and made the pictures blurry).

(photos by e.hunt)

Word of the Week: Gorgonize

gor·gon·ize \ˈgȯr-gə-ˌnīz\
transitive verb
: to have a paralyzing or mesmerizing effect on : stupefy, petrify

He had such charisma and pizzaz that he seemed to put a spell on people.  Everyone liked him in life.  Not much changed in death; he even gorgonized the angels.

(photo collected from pushthemovement)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Indoor Clues to Outside Behaviors

Obviously, this post is mainly dedicated to the women-folk, but the lads can get something out of this too.  It's all about slowing down, indulging in the little things, and appreciating life and the exhilaration you can get from it.

10 Subtle Ways to Feel Sexy
1.  Don’t do anything to your hair in the morning.  Messy is hot.
2.  Do your favorite kind of exercise.  It is invigorating.
3.  Don’t hide your tan lines.  You free spirit, you.
4.  Wear fuzzy socks around the house.  You can floor skate.
5.  Have a dab of Nutella at night.  Calm that sweet tooth.
6.  Paint your nails.  Your hands will captivate.
7.  Sleep naked.  It feels luxurious.
8.  Do something outside.  The sun is good for you.
9.  Wear your fanciest underthings to work.  Nobody'll ever know.
10.  Eye-flirt with that cute guy.  You never know what could happen.

(PS.  I had a really hard time deciding on a picture for this, so I went with someone who looked like she was really enjoying life.)

(photo collected from shadowness)

Underneath My Feet

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a room with the floor covered in sand?  It'd be like literally living on a beach all the time!

(photo collected from rubbersunset)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Rare Dazzling Urbanite

I've been a little iffy about the neon trend that's going around right now.  It reminds me of the 80s or like you're going to a rave, both of which can be a good thing.  Or it can be a very bad, leg warmers and scrunchies thing.  However; every time I look at this picture, I'm slowly changing my mind.

(photo collected from pinterest)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holding Two Contradictory Thoughts Without Going Mad

Black and white, but in color.

(photos collected from vintagevirgin, googleimages, and refinery29)

As the Clues Accrue

The double corduroy and necktie scarf give off a slight professorly vibe, don't you think?  But then again, contradictions interject in the form of lace panel leggings.  Goes to show that you can never judge a book by its cover because, though I may indeed look like a professor today, I most surely am not.

(photos by e.hunt)

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Rise of the Creative Class

When you're as much of a summer-lover as I am, you find it hard to spend money on only winter-wearable clothing.  I mean, why would you do that when summery things can be worn year round?  Just throw on a shirt underneath.

Or over the top.

And then there's the classic, most cozy cold weather fix; the sweater.

(photos collected from  lucky magazine, studdedhearts, and favim)