Monday, November 19, 2012

Go Ask the Dust for Any Answers

In honor of my favorite spot in good old Kirkwood (where I happen to be at the moment), here is the story of how coffee came to be, and where the name of my spot began.  Kaldi, you were one smart lad.

In the hills of 6th century Ethiopia, a young goatherd named Kaldi searched the land for his lost goats.  In due time, he found them by a bush, eating its dazzling red berries.  Kaldi's normally sluggish flock began to prance about with vigor.  They ran up hillsides.  They danced around trees.  Kaldi reasoned that the coffee berries prompted his goats' high spirits.  What's good for the goat is good for the goatherd, he thought, and chewed some berries himself.  Soon, he too began to prance about with unusual vigor.  It didn't take long for those coffee beans-and word of their stimulating effects-to travel the world.

(photo collected from stlmag)

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