Tuesday, December 15, 2015

If Only Flying Was Like a Sinatra Song

Yesterday afternoon, I departed for Europe.  Mom and I went and got our nails done, so I wouldn't have to worry about the inevitable chipping that happens when I do it, and then ran home to finish up packing before leaving for the airport.  I checked in and got through security without a halt, but when I arrived at the gate, the screen said my flight was delayed.  And I believe this is the perfect time to talk about the fact that airport workers are either really nice and helpful, or really rude and bitchy and make things more difficult than they need to be.  And this little delay caused the entire rest of the journey to be a complete, anxiety-inducing mess.  At least now I had time to go get a beer!

They switched me to a later flight from Chicago to London, so I would stay on the original St. Louis to Chicago plane, then literally run to get through security and to the right gate before going to London.  This also really cut down on my layover time in London.  I had to run there too.  But, I finally made it to Edinburgh!  My bag, however, did not.

Apparently it was last scanned in Chicago, which means it could be in London, just not scanned yet, or it could still be somewhere floating around Chicago.  It was marked!  I don't understand.  At least the airport guy here was one of the pleasant type, saying that if it doesn't show up before I leave that they will deliver it to where we are staying.

It better show up, or I'm going to throw a fit here in all my tired and frustrated glory, and put Mom on it at home.  Now that I've dealt with all of these airport issues, I'm happily waiting for Taylor at the Starbucks by the baggage claim, taking advantage of the free wifi.  I made a wish on my latte that my bag would magically make it to London and on Taylor's flight here, but I doubt it.  Here's hoping!

(photos by e.hunt, and r.hunt)


  1. What pretty nails you have (...even if you may have to wear the same duds for a day or two!!)

    1. Why thank you! I planned that picture to show them off haha