Wednesday, December 23, 2015

In the Solitude of a Museum

The inside of the gallery was beautiful.  There were mosaics on the floors, big marble columns, and a great dome window.

And then we walked into the Impressionism exhibit.  I was blown away.  They had an impressive collection of Monet's, including a Waterlily!  

And the following painting, titled La Pointe de la Heve, Sainte-Adresse, is quite unlike any other Monet I've seen.  It has much more detail, and the colors aren't as vibrant.  It is remarkable, and shows his skill, and evolution, as a painter.  He was only twenty-four at the time.

Other artists of note were present as well.  There was a wall of Seurat's pieces.  The collection of these three was quite pleasing.  And the two below were interesting, in the same style as Seurat, but by different artists.

There was another of Degas' ballerinas, which are always so beautiful.  I love the way he did their skirts; they are always in such contrast to the rest of the painting.  There was also a pastel piece by Degas.

After the museum we wandered around the area for a while, happening upon some great signage, the Chinatown area, and a greatly lit up building.

(photos by e.hunt)

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