Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Platform Nine and Three Quarters

The following morning we took the train to London through the beautiful English countryside that was dotted with lots of little sheep.  We arrived at King's Cross and hopped on the tube to get to our hotel that was in the part of town known as Shoreditch.  While at the station, we found the famous Harry Potter platform, but the line for a picture was much too long.

Our hotel was quite the place to be, apparently.  The restaurant/bar/club area in the front was full of people at all times of day.  We had a great view from our window though!  The next morning we made our way down to The London Eye.

We stayed on that bridge for a while, taking in the lovely views of Big Ben, Parliament, and The Eye.  It was a beautiful day for being outside; mostly sunny and sixty degrees!  On the other side of the bridge and up a little ways was Trafalgar Square.

It was bustling with people, and the wind was making that tall Christmas tree sway back and forth.  Between the people watching, statues, fountains, and cool, old buildings, we could have stayed there a while too, but we wanted to get through as much of The National Art Gallery as possible, so we turned around and walked in.

(photos by e.hunt, and t.hunt)

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