Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Good Enough For Locals

After our walk, we went to this lovely little restaurant back off of the main street for dinner.  Taylor went with some friends when he visited Paris the first time back in September, and thought it was good enough to return.  Boy, was he right!

The inside was cozy and authentic.  The sign said it was a "Grandfather to Grandson" restaurant, open since 1919.

We each ordered the fixed meal, which includes three plates and a drink that you pick from a list of three or four items in each course.  We both ordered a tomato salad for the starter.  As we all know, I am definitely not (strong emphasis on not) a tomato fan, but of the options listed, this was the least offensive.  I ate most of it too.

For the main meal we both ordered boeuf bourguignon, which was divine.  It came with carrots and mashed potatoes, which were both delightful with a piece of the boeuf and smothered in sauce.

For dessert, Taylor ordered the cheese plate and I was considering vanilla ice cream when the waitress talked me into a crème caramel dish.  It was kindof fluffy and odd, with a similar consistency to flan.

By this time we had finished our wine (as it was both of our drink selections they brought over a bottle for the table!), so we decided to get an end of meal coffee, like true Parisians.  It's not really coffee though, just a couple shots of espresso in a mini cup.  They came with sugar packets and little biscuit cookies, which tasted like ginger snaps.

All in all, the meal was fantastic.  We asked if they would be open after Christmas, so that we could come back one more time while in town, but sadly, they were closing for a week the following day.  Good thing we came that night!

(photos by e.hunt, and t.hunt)

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  1. I feel almost as if I was there with you! ENJOY!!