Thursday, December 17, 2015

Orcs Don't Use It, Orcs Don't Know It

Yesterday we hiked a mountain!  We made the short walk from our apartment, and down a little mud path and were right underneath it!

Looks pretty big in that last picture with Taylor, hunh?  We took a slight detour on our way to the walking path and stopped by the Scottish Parliament Building.  It had this really awesome sign leading up to it, and the building itself didn't disappoint either.

Along the side there was this cool turret with an old door and cross windows.  I think the moss really adds to it.

And then we started the hike!  We went along the backside, circling around to come out in front by our apartment from the other direction.  I was told that my bag would be picked up from the airport around 1:30pm (yay!) so we figured we better stay close in case I got a call that they were close to delivering.

No call came.  Long story short, we waited in the apartment for six hours (on the phone with the company, sitting at the window, checking the online tracking system) and the bag never showed up.  A little after nine, we decided that they probably weren't going to deliver it and that we should go get something to eat.  So, after another night of no luggage, I called the courier this morning and said I would just come pick it up.  It was quite a taxi ride out to the warehouse, but it was worth it because now I have all my travel stuff!

(photos by e.hunt)

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