Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Feudal Tent Brigade

I had a lovely Saturday off work.  We started off the morning with a traditional trip to Kaldi's.  It was a little chilly out so I took advantage by wearing a Fall floral dress, little ankle boots, and by ordering the Pumpkin-Pumpkin special!  That's a slice of pumpkin bread and a pumpkin maple latte.  It may have been a little Fall-overboard, but what can I say, I'm excited for the season-switch!

After that Mom and I went apartment hunting, but you all know how that went (see the post below).  Update on that: I'm not fully approved yet, but all signs are pointing to yes!  That evening, Mom, Taylor, and I drove over to Clayton for the annual art fair.  The weather was perfect for a little art viewing, and we got some beers to sip while walking around.

The selection of art was okay.  These prints by Gillian Kemper were fantastic.  She did them using the mono print technique, where you paint onto a sheet of plexiglass then roll it under a large press.  This is the same technique I used in my printmaking class in college!  It was very neat to see some professional examples, and of such interesting workmanship.  I love the little brushstrokes that give the pieces great movement and texture, and the vibrant colors add so much.

The next artist's work I enjoyed was Jeff Condon.  His medium of choice is the oil pastel, so they have more a drawn-quality, rather than the type of immediacy and thickness you get with paint.  Again, the color makes these rather simple landscapes much more interesting.

 Makes me want to get out the pastel set!  There were a few other exciting displays, but overall it was just kindof okay.  It was fun to get out of our usual weekend routine and do something different though.

(photos by e.hunt)

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