Saturday, September 10, 2016

Stand in it For All You're Worth, Facing the Sunshine

We found an apartment today!!  Mom and I geared up for our weekly outing and stopped at one we found last weekend but was closed.  It's in a great location; about ten minutes from home, probably less than five minutes to work, and close to the highway to get to school.

The lives-on-site maintenance guy, Randy, showed us a one bedroom.  It was nice and sunny, and a good size.  The whole thing is carpeted, except for the kitchen, which had hardwood, it had decent appliances, good closet space, and a little balcony off the bedroom.  The one I'm going for would face a wooded area separating the complex from a church lot.  There's even a pool!

We ended our search then and there so I could get home and fill out the online application.  I should find out in the next couple days whether I got it or not.  Wish me luck!!

(photos collected from apartments)

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