Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Happy morning, everyone!  Today marks Day 2 of our second annual No TV Week. It's not the same week we did it last year (I think it was sometime in February) but Taylor decided that April would be The Cleanse Month so it was fitting to have it now.  He's cleansing a lot of things, like controlling portions, no alcohol, no cheese, waking up early on a consistent basis, and exercising more often.  I already do a few of those, but I will be trying to wake up earlier on my days off and trying to drink less.  I won't completely cut it out because well, I enjoy having a beer with dinner!

We talked about no caffeine, which was immediately nixed, and having a no gasoline week, which would be extremely difficult.  A less-strict form of that may happen, but we'll see.  I'm planning on cleansing my apartment too.  It will mainly be going through my closet and getting rid of anything I haven't worn in a while or I just don't like it enough to keep.  Thrift store shopping is great but because of the low prices I often buy clothes that I only wear once and don't really feel the need to wear it again.  Cleansing works in the cycle though.  The bags of discarded clothes will be donated back to the store and I will receive a discount coupon to use on my next purchase.

Even if you don't participate in No TV Week, try to do something productive before the week is out.  That's what this week is about - being more productive than usual.  Happy productivity!

(photo by t.hunt)

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