Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Nostalgic Leanings

After a little apartment time on Friday I headed back home for a pre-dinner cocktail.  Andrew got in a little earlier and we sat around catching up before walking downtown to Dewey's for some salad and pizza.  As always, it was delicious.  After that Andrew, Taylor, and I drove over to the Bottleworks where Dad was playing music.  Taylor and I set up camp near the stage while Andrew mingled with a bunch of his old high school friends.  A good time was had by all.

The next day we met up at Kaldi's for a pastry and coffee.  It was a beautiful morning so we sat outside.  The plan for the day was to clean out the Black Hole storage room in the upstairs attic.  The collection of boxes, furniture, and old toys had pretty much taken over the room over the years.

That first picture was taken after a couple hours of clean-out - look how much stuff is still in there!  Most of the boxes were pretty easy to tell whose stuff it was, so we just went through our own.  There were piles for Things to Go Back In, Things to Keep, Things to Donate, and Trash.  Once everything was out of the room, it was much easier to organize.  Andrew and Taylor fixed some leaning shelves and everything was vacuumed out.  Here's the final outcome!

Looks pretty good, no?  It was pretty fun going through our old things.  Some of it was more of a 'Why on earth did I keep that?!' but some it was pretty cool.  After freshening up a bit, we walked downtown again for dinner.  Once we got home it was pretty late, and we were all exhausted from the day.  I left to go to bed so I would be in a good mood at the work the next day.  They all went to Easter brunch with the family, and I made myself a special frappuccino at work.  Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend!

(photos by e.hunt)


  1. Did I thank you for working so hard up in the attic??

    1. Yep! It was hard work, but it was also fun!!