Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bloom Baby, Bloom

Wow, was your last week as crazy busy as mine?!  Between work, trying to get my assignments done before Andrew got home, studying for a test, doing my exercises, and trying to get some sleep, I feel like I had been going going going until last night!  It was a good type of going though.

On Friday I woke up early to meet Mom for coffee and a little shopping trip.  We used to do this more often when I lived at home and last week we both realized we hadn't had an outing since before Christmas.  We both happened to be off work and I was wanting some help in picking out some balcony flowers.  We started off the day with a Kaldi's coffee and headed to the mall for a little summer shopping.  I found two dresses that will be perfect for our beachy trips!  After that we stopped by a small plant nursery out by the mall to see what they had but everything was too expensive so we decided to go to Home Depot.  It was pretty though.

While Home Depot had less to choose from, their plant selection was nice and much more budget-friendly.  I was wanting a hanging pot of colorful flowers and maybe a bin of little plants to hang over the side.  We ended up finding a hanging one and a little pot of succulents for inside.  Mom even got some for the patio at home!

It turned out to be a very successful and fun morning!  By that time though it was the afternoon and we were both feeling the effects of waking up early.  Since Andrew was expected to arrive that evening, I went back to my apartment for a short nap and a shower before the festivities began.

(photos by e.hunt)


  1. Loving how your plant looks o the balcony:)

    1. Me too! Can't wait to get the boxes set up!