Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Bird's Eye Beverage View

Happy Thursday everyone!  And happy almost-end-of-March!  I've had a pretty packed week so far with work, schoolwork, going to class, going home for dinner, getting a haircut, etc.  Busy is good though, and I did get a little break on Tuesday.  I met up with the work girls for margaritas and then everyone came over to my apartment for a little after party.

On Sunday we had a big barbecue party with chicken, rice, veggies - the works.  Everything was delicious, and to top it off, we had grilled pears!  Combined with Bailey's-laced coffee, it was a perfect bake.  Now we're heading into another weekend.  For me it will be filled with work and homework.  Maybe I'll watch a movie one of the nights to switch things up.  You all probably have much more exciting plans.  Maybe not, but whatever you end up doing, have a lovely time!

(photos by e.hunt)

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