Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Good Laugh and a Long Sleep Are Two of the Best Cures for Anything

Did you all remember to turn back your non-iPhone clocks today?  I happened to take this weekend off of work, and didn't have anywhere to be this morning, so I didn't really have to worry about losing an hour of sleep.  I did sleep in pretty late though, still being exhausted from earlier this weekend.  On Friday I went down to Springfield to catch up with old friends and get out of town for a night.

It was quite fun, as trips down there always are.  We didn't get the 1-3 inches of snow that was predicted to come yesterday; although I did drive through some pretty farmlands with white-blanket roofs and snow-covered tree limbs.  After a little nap, I met up with Mom and Taylor for dinner at one of our local spots, PJ's.  It has simple, dependable bar food.  I always get the YPEC-approved big chicken caesar salad (no cheese), and it's always good.

Right about the time we were finishing up, Dad texted to say he was on the way back from his gig.  So we put our coats on and ventured across the street to another one of our usuals, Amigo's, for another beer and a Mexican meal for Dad.  Happy Daylight Savings Day!

(photos by e.hunt, and collected from rebloggy)