Monday, March 6, 2017

Tell Us About Your Bake

Happy Monday!  And happy March!  Springtime is pretty much here, what with the trees blooming, flowers coming up, and strange storms blowing in out of nowhere.  I took this picture yesterday at work when I was taking the trash out.  The muted greys and whites are pretty, in a somber way.

And then I started playing around on an editing app called Layout.  After duplicating, mirroring, and flipping the image, I came out with some cool Rorschach-looking pictures.

After being sick with headaches and dizziness for the majority of last week, I was finally feeling better over the weekend.  I met up with Mom, Taylor, Debby, and Nana for dinner on Friday night, which was fun.  I hadn't seen Debby or Nana for several weeks so it was nice to catch up.  After that Taylor and I met up with a couple of his friends for a beer.  They've been friends since childhood so I've known them for a long time too.  We spent a good portion of the evening talking about old video games and whatnot, which brought out the nostalgia and was quite fun.

On Saturday I worked a long, stressful shift.  One of the espresso machines broke right in the middle of rush, and the ice machine was down too.  When things break at our store, they all wait until the same weekend so we can't get any of the daily cleaning tasks done.  Thanks, machines.  Anyway, I stopped at Schnucks on the way home for a salad and cookies, came home, watched a little tv, and was in bed by 8:30pm.  It was delightful.

Sunday was another long shift with more machines breaking, but I was off at 1pm and had time to take a nap before heading home for Sunday dinner.  Last week we started watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix, and Dad tried a little creative baking of his own for dessert!  Look at these luscious baked apples with molten peanut butter on the inside.

After a bite or two I decided that the peanut butter was a little overwhelming and added some chocolate sauce over the top to even out the flavors.  Dad's critique called for bigger apples next time as well.  But in the words of the show, overall it was a marvelous bake!

(photos by e.hunt)

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