Monday, March 20, 2017

A Couch in a Box, Fancy That

Happy first day of Spring!  And it really is Spring here in the Stl with temps getting up to 80 degrees today!  In a little bit I'll be walking over to the movie theater just across the street to meet up with Mom and Taylor to see Logan.  I've been a long-time fan of the X-Men movies since the first one way back in 2000.  They've ranged in quality from really really bad (The Last Stand) to really good (X2), but the consistent good factor has always been Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, the instant-healing, never-aging, be-clawed Canadian delight.  Logan is his swan song; his final foray into the X-Men world, and it is supposed to be extremely good.

In apartment news, I have started looking for a new couch to replace my thrift store find that has worked well for these last few months, but isn't quite as comfortable as I would like.  Surprisingly, Amazon has a pretty wide selection at good prices.  Apparently the whole thing comes in a box and you put it together yourself.  I've found three that have good reviews and seem like they would fit well in my little living room.

First, this traditional grey one looks comfy and you know my thoughts on grey.  It's dark enough that it wouldn't be too matchy with my rug and other grey chair.

Second, a bolder choice.  The berry color looks fun, and I love the tufted cushions.

And here is the third choice.  Another more traditional one, but the white piping adds a little whimsy. I also like the navy color.

What do you all think?  The grey and the navy look more casual and better for a relaxing movie viewing, but the berry one would be a great center-piece.  Hmmmm decisions, decisions.

(photos collected from, and amazon)


  1. I think the Gray is #1
    The Berry one is #2
    and...I don't really like the Navy one.


    1. Thanks for the input! And the help at the beginning of the search lol. I'm leaning towards the grey one too