Friday, December 9, 2016

Hillshade Mapping

To continue in the festive Christmas activities, we got our tree!  I met up with the gang at our local tree lot right before sunset on Tuesday where we wandered the aisles.

We narrowed it down to two.  The one on the left that Dad is holding was in the 6-8 ft section, and Taylor's is an 8-10.  We were pretty set on that left one until we held it up next to the 8-10.  It was really no contest.  Look how much healthier the big one is!

The tree-guy and his pack of middle-school boys trimmed a little off the bottom, helped tie it to the roof of the truck, and we were on our way!  I remember one year when we were little, Dad didn't have the top on the back of the truck so the tree just laid in the bottom.  Andrew and Taylor and I hid down along the sides of it to hold it in place while Dad drove and we were SO excited -- ahhh the little things of childhood.

We got home and sent it through the window right into it's spot and the house immediately smelled like a happy, winter wonderland forest.  I think we'll probably do the lights and ornaments sometime this weekend.  Now, time to think about decorating my apartment!

(photos by e.hunt, and t.hunt)

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