Monday, December 5, 2016

As Leaves in the Winds of Autumn, and in Winter as a Star Upon a Hill

We celebrated Taylor's birthday the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  I came over early to help make molasses cookies.  Andrew and Juliana have made them in years past, which is where we got the idea, and we texted them our progress.

We got out all the ingredients and followed the recipe, adding a bit more cinnamon for added deliciousness.  When everything was all mixed together we started pulling out little balls and rolling them in sugar before putting them on the pan.  Then we had to wait 8-10 minutes while the wonderful smell kept increasing while they baked.

Mmmmmmm they turned out great!  After dinner we had a little gift-opening and cookie-eating.  Happy late Birthday, Taylor!!

(photos by e.hunt, and t.hunt)

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