Thursday, December 22, 2016

Common to People Caught Up in Revolutions

It seems like I have done nothing but work, sleep, and wrap presents the last few days.  Because I requested days off around Christmas, I was scheduled to work long, long opening shifts this whole week.  It will be worth it after tomorrow though and I am off for FOUR days!!  Today I found someone that wanted hours so I was able to leave a couple hours early, which was nice.  I just got up from my nap and am having a cup of coffee by the window.

After this I have to dye my hair so it'll be nice and vibrant for all the festivities, run an errand or two, pick up something for dinner, straighten up the apartment, and finish wrapping the last few gifts.  To match my tree, I went with a white, blue, and subtle green color scheme for the wrapping paper.  Looks pretty good, don't you think?  Andrew and Juliana get in tomorrow night so today is really my last day to get everything done before Christmas time is really here!  Hope you all are caught up on your to-do list before things get going for you!

(photos by e.hunt)


  1. What a cute beady coffee cup...AND presents galore :)) Merry Merry!