Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Travelers Of Time and Space

Can you believe it's already almost mid-July?!  That means there's only about six weeks left of summer!  I'm making the most of it though, keeping busy with work and errands and such.  I was off today after opening four days in a row, so it was really nice to get a full night's sleep.  Still needed my coffee to wake up though!

Everyone's back home from their worldly adventures.  Mom returned from her England-Italy-Amsterdam mega-trip, Dad from his whirlwind gig in Spain, and Taylor from his long-weekend in Nashville.  And next week, I go on my little summer getaway down to check out an art museum in Arkansas, then stopping in Springfield on the way home.  Should be a fun few days out of town.

Other than that things have been fairly low-key.  There's been some excitement in a possible last-minute trip to Florida but we're not sure if that's going to work out this year with everyone's busy schedules.  We'll see.  Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!

(photos by e.hunt)