Thursday, July 28, 2016

An Island, a Continent, a Whole World Within Itself

I think I'm finally back in the groove after my little weekend trip away.  And last night I finished editing all the pics, so now it's post time!

I ended up getting on the road a little before nine last Thursday morning.  The drive was lovely.  I love going on road trips, especially solo drives.  I can put on whatever music I want and just go, stopping when I need to and being in complete control.  The automobile is one of the greatest influencers on our culture, past and current, and going on a road trip puts that into sharp relief, and it is wonderful.

I drove straight to the museum upon arriving in Bentonville.  It is set in the middle of a lush park ground, which was green and full of blooms.  I decided to walk the surrounding paths first, thinking that I would get all hot but then be able to cool down by walking in the galleries.

And man was it hot!  Worth it though, because there were all these cool statues along the pathways.  I made friends with a Trojan horse reject, a bear, and a pig!

It was nice getting a little workout after being in the car for five hours.  The path went all the way around to the backside of the museum.  I walked up to a viewing platform area, which was a little disappointing, then back down and along the edge of the water, which was much more pleasant.

The architectural elements were pretty cool.  I wish Taylor had been there to point out some cool things.  It looked clean and simple, while also being complicated and impressive.  The angles and lines were a great contrast to the surrounding nature.

And that concluded the outside tour.  I walked in the side entrance, which had a walkway along the water to get upstairs to the galleries.  More architecture!

The roofs remind me of an armadillo or some kind of Asian boat.  With all the windows and nature, this would be a neat place to hold an event or party.

(photos by e.hunt)

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