Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Heavy Glow

It is official now: Mom, Debby, and I are going to Florida for a last minute vacation in a few weeks!  I can't wait to head to the beach with two of my favorite travel buddies.  It's been five years since our big trip to Europe, so it'll be a nice little anniversary of that.

We will be staying in Fort Walton Beach, which is just ten minutes west of Destin.  New territory, but familiar.  I've stayed in Fort Walton a few times with friends but this will be different because we will probably explore the actual town a little more.  Mom and I are leaving on the Friday night and will stop in Nashville to see Andrew and his girlfriend, Juliana's, house.  I haven't been since last summer and they've made quite a few updates since then.  We may even go to one of my old favorite Nashville restaurants!  The next day, we will drive the remaining six or seven hours and Debby will join us Monday night.  Ahhhh, it wouldn't have really been summer without a beach trip.

(photos by a kind Swiss citizen, and e.hunt)

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