Monday, July 25, 2016

"[Clothes] Change Our View of the World and the World's View of Us"

-Virginia Woolf

Big news in the Starbucks barista world today!  The big whigs overhauled our dress code and are now officially allowing us to "personalize" our work wardrobes.  I always cheated by wearing colorful socks and headbands, but now I can wear my little neck scarves, dark jeans everyday, grey, navy, or denim shirts, shirts without collars or turtlenecks, and anything in neutral colors but with a little subtle print!  They also now allow bright hair colors, so if I decide to go all out fuchsia purple, I can!  This probably doesn't seem like a big deal but I'm very excited.  It's so boring to just pull out one of my multiple black "work" items and not have any of my personality in it.  I spend so much time at work that it will be nice to have a little more pride in how I look while I'm there.

(photo collected from starbucks)

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