Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Wonders of Vacation

Three weeks ago from tomorrow, Grandma, Mom, and I were on our way to the airport for our early-afternoon flight to Florida.  It twas a beautiful day for flying; clear skies, a few dots of clouds, and even a rainbow!

We arrived in the late afternoon, and after a bit of a hassle at the car rental desk, we were on our way to Destin.  Tops'l hasn't changed much.  Even the same gatekeeper guy was waiting at the window to wave us in.

Ahhhh, look at that beautiful view!  I can never get tired of the sky/ocean/sand/blue roof/pink building layers that we have in picture form from every year that we've gone.  Our room was quite lovely as well.  I think I may need to purchase seahorse pillows for my future apartment!

After unloading all the luggage, we went straight down to the beach after dropping Grandma off at The Pav for a cocktail.  The water was clear and blue (what a relief!), the sand was soft and white, and we were just as happy as can be.

(photos by e.hunt, and r.hunt)

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