Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How They've Been Painted Over The Centuries

One of the nights after an exquisite seafood dinner, we came back to the room and applied flash tattoos.  You may have seen them on models in fashion magazines or catalogues.  Anyway, they're bright and shiny and perfect for beachwear, so I thought it would be the perfect time to try some out.

Step One:  Decide placement peel off the clear plastic side.  Place it face down on your skin.

Step Two:  Press a damp washcloth over it for thirty seconds.  I held it for a bit longer, just to be safe.

Step Three:  Peel off the paper and voila!  You've been flash tattooed!

They last about a week and wash off naturally.  It was a subtle way to add some beachy flair, and might be fun to pull out every once in a while to switch things up.

(photos by e.hunt)

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