Wednesday, August 19, 2015

One Particular Harbor

Late Friday night, the rest of the crew rolled in to Tops'l.  Dad and Taylor drove to Nashville, loaded up the big rig, and continued on the way with Andrew and Juliana.  This way they would be ready and refreshed for the drive to St. George Island the next morning.  We got a leisurely start, having a morning of coffee, breakfast, and beach views in the room before packing up the cars.  Adults in the rental, and kids in the rig.

We stopped for lunch at a beachside shack called Toucan's a little over halfway through the drive.  We were in no hurry to arrive, as the house wouldn't be ready until mid-afternoon.  Lunch was delicious.  I tried the seafood gumbo, which had some interesting looking ingredients, but I ate it all!

We also had a great view of the water and this seagull perched on a pole.  He didn't ever move, even through the quick rainstorm that came through while we were eating.

After the second leg, we arrived at the island.  We drove through Apalachicola, the quaint little town on the mainland which we dubbed APC from there on out, over two long bridges to get out to the island, and then passed rows of houses before turning into ours, titled One Particular Harbor.

Even though it was windy and overcast, we got in our suits right away and hit the waves.  It was pretty rough, and there was a bit of an undertow, but that just made it more fun.

(photos by e.hunt, t.hunt, and r.hunt)

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