Saturday, August 29, 2015

Break Something, Fix Something

That afternoon, another castle was constructed.  We decided to build it on the remains of the previous one even though there were concerns of inner dryness.  I really wanted to have some outer, gatepost buildings in the front so I helped do some digging too.

After the injection, packing, and spritzer processes were complete, we began the forms.  When we were in Destin, Mom watched a "professional" sandcastle crew make a bridge.  We thought that would be cool to try.

Thanks to Mom's instructions, and Andrew and Taylor's persistence, it worked!  After the bucket brace was removed, and then the ravine was dug down, they decided to carve down the two towers, just a little bit at a time.  While this was all happening, Juliana and I each commandeered one of the front piles.

Even with all our hard work, we could not stop the devastating effects of the wind.  While on a Coors break (the official beer of the beach), the front tower collapsed, taking the bridge down with it.  Alas, our efforts had not been for naught.  We would use what we learned to make an even better one tomorrow.  After a brief period of let-down, we moved on.  I did a grand stairway down the tower that was still standing, and the boys made a bucket minefield out in front.

(photos by e.hunt, j.kowalik, and r.hunt)

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