Friday, August 1, 2014

Work Work Working Away

I've spent the last two days tucked away in coffeeshops working on my first freelance graphic design project.  I'm re-designing a friend's portfolio and resume package.  Her original looked very much like a pre-designed template; it got all the necessary information across, but as her desired occupation is in the design world, it needed a little bit of a facelift.  As I don't have InDesign or Illustrator, I'm using Powerpoint to create the portfolio booklet.  I have to say I'm getting quite good at all the little ins and outs the program offers.  It's definitely not up to par with Adobe Creative Suite, but I'm pretty impressed with the end product (many cups of coffee were consumed in getting to that point).  This is what I am trained to do, and it has been quite fun getting back in the graphic design mindset.

(photo by e.hunt)

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