Sunday, August 17, 2014

Here In the Land of Upstairs

I'm deep in the process of moving from my room on the second floor up to the attic space.  It is a larger area, and includes a bathroom, so it will be more like my own apartment at the tip top of my parents house.  After an intense detox of vacuuming, dusting, packing up all of Andrew's leftover belongings, and swiffering the entire ceiling to get rid of any and all cobwebs, it was ready.  I moved a few pieces of furniture and pushed the two twin sized beds together to create one massive king-sized bed (as my double won't fit up the ridiculously narrow stairway).

After that, I rummaged through the storage closet, which is more like a black hole of all manner of stuff, to get to an old clothing rack.  It is located in the auxiliary sitting area.

Next was the task of hanging artwork and little white christmas lights from the angled ceiling.

Now the real process of unpacking can begin!

(photos by e.hunt)


  1. Be so happy up there closer to the Sun and the Stars and further from the Everyday... :)