Saturday, August 9, 2014

Devoting Your Entire Self to an Idea

I just found a neat concept employed by an online fashion retailer called Chicwish (website here): a Pinterest board with bloggers' outfits using a piece from the site.  A lot of the pics I recognized, either from Lookbook, other places around Pinterest, or on one of the bloggers sites I follow.  The store is based in Hong Kong, but has an outpost in San Francisco, and has some really cool clothes.  This is the best way to sell clothes, not just the stock photos on skinny models against a white background, but using someone out there in real life.  A lot of times catalogues seem to be trying to hard to stick to a theme, or follow current trends, but this way there is a variety of looks, shot in a variety of ways, in a variety of locations, thus appealing to a much larger clientele.  It's a neat concept that will hopefully be employed more in the future.

(photos collected from chicwish)

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