Friday, August 2, 2013

Totally Vibe-ing

Spent the last few days reorganizing my Pinterest boards.  It resulted in the start of an Apt Living board, and a splitting of the eight hundred plus Style board into Fall, Summer, and Hair Style.  I might be adding a fourth, Business Style.  Now I'll only have to scroll through a couple hundred pinned pictures to find where I got a particular photo from rather than many hundreds.  Ahhhh organization.  Here's a sampling of some new apt ideas.

For a homemade headboard, stretch a printed shower curtain onto a frame, or open a bunch of classic hardback novels to a favorite passage and start gluing.

For closet doors, make a statement by stenciling a repeated design, or making some pretty cinched curtains.  I'd love to have a double hinged door closet like these.

And for displaying that months magazines, or a collection of favorite covers, hang them from a wire hanger, or for a more expansive collection, fill up an unusable fire place.

(photos collected from truebluemeandyou, designeverydayblog, becauseimaddicted, awesomehomepins, and missatlaplaya)

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