Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Knew You'd Be Lovely

One of my middle-aged co-workers asked me the other day, "So Erica, who are the young girls crushing on now?  Is it still Justin Bieber?"  Firstly, Justin Bieber?  Really?  Secondly, I think the last time someone asked me this was at a birthday sleepover in middle school.  Anyway, they only knew one of the three, and we went on to spend the next twenty minutes looking at pictures of them online.  Pretty good way to wrap up a Friday, I'd say.

1.  Joseph Gordon Levitt.  Oh the delightfulness.  He's got perfectly messy dark hair, looks impeccable in a suit, and seems like he would be really fun to hang out with.

2.  Kid Cudi.  He sings, he acts, and he's into fashion.  And look at that little kid grin.

3.  Simon Baker.  He's Australian and he surfs.  And he's Australian.

(photos collected from favourite-celebs, pinterest, pigeonsandplanes, fuckyeahscottmescudi and shechive)

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