Tuesday, May 24, 2016

To Regulate Imagination With Reality

I'm starting to plan out my summer, trip-wise, and since we don't have a beach or other family vacation on the books, I've decided to take a few long weekends and finally go on some trips that I've wanted to for a while now.

In June, Mom and I are going to the lake for a few days before her big trip to Europe.  We have invited several family members to join us for a day or two, so it'll be quite fun and relaxing.  The intention was for Mom to get a little sun before leaving the country, and it'll be nice to spend some time together before she's gone for a month.

In July, I'm planning a little getaway down to Bentonville, Arkansas to see the Crystal Bridges Art Museum.  I've considered this trip many times before, in conjunction with trips down to Springfield, but it's never worked out.  This time, I'm booking a hotel for one night, will drive all the way there in the morning, check out the museum and the grounds during the afternoon, possibly meet up with a friend or two that live there, and stay the night.  The next day, I will drive back to Springfield and hang out with friends there for a night.

And in August, I'm hoping to fly down to Austin, Texas to spend a few days with my old college roommate, Kaitlin.  We were talking on the phone last week and she said that she finally has every other Saturday off work, and if she took off Friday, I could come down and she would show me all around Austin.  I've heard it's a cool city, and she and I are long overdue for an in-person reunion.  It's been four years!

So, that's the plan.  Now I just have to decide which weekends to go on these little trips, make sure I can take the time off of work, and then book rooms and flights.  Yay summer!

(photos collected from agreatertown, ewebetfarm, and by r.hunt)

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