Monday, May 9, 2016

"Never Look Back, Darling. It Distracts From the Now"

- Edna Mode, The Incredibles

Happy Monday everyone!  It is a happy Monday indeed, as this is finals week and I am almost done with the semester!  I finally finished my big research paper so all I have to do this afternoon is print it out and drive out to campus to turn it in.  Ahhhh, sweet relief.  Other than that, the only thing left is a history final on Thursday, which I'm not too worried about.  He's letting us use the study guide (to which we can add notes) while taking the test.

And on Friday Mom, Dad, and I are driving to Lawrence, Kansas to celebrate Taylor's graduation from KU!  Very exciting.  The School of Architecture has their own little ceremony Friday evening where Taylor will get his diploma.  Because of this, and the fact that his graduating class has something like five thousand students, we will not be staying for the full-school walk and ceremony the following day.  Taylor doesn't mind.

Next Saturday also happens to be my birthday!  I'm thinking about staying in Kansas City that night rather than drive back here with Mom and Dad, then catch a ride with Taylor on Sunday.  My good friends Shelby and Alyssa live in the area and I thought it might be fun to go out and celebrate with them.  No plans have been made yet, so we'll see.  I hope you all have an equally busy and exciting week ahead of you as well!

(photos by e.hunt)

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