Monday, May 30, 2016

The Sights These Eyes Have Seen

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  I hope you all enjoy the days off work, the beautiful weather, perhaps a sale or two, and of course, think about our country's military.  One of my favorite movies, Troy, features a scenery-chewing King Agamemnon who spouts the line, "History remembers kings, not soldiers!"  I think he was wrong.  A lot of history has to do with wars. In fact, walk into any history class and they're most likely talking about events leading up to a war, the actual events of a war, or the after-effects of a war.  Countries have been built and maintained by the backs of soldiers, and we definitely have them to thank for our own country's beginnings, and continued prosperity.

I worked most of the long weekend, but not today!  I slept in and then went for a delightful mid-day walk, stopping at Starbucks for a little caffeination.  On said walk, I saw some lovely flora and fauna that looked perfect against this brick wall.

I also saw this little guy hanging out on one of the buildings downtown.

What a cool little dragon painting!  I wonder if the dragonfly was done at the same time as the slender dragon, or if it was added on later by someone else.  Either way, the dragon creature motif makes this brick wall much more interesting.

(photos by e.hunt)

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