Friday, May 6, 2016

I Walk Down Memory Lane Because I Love Running Into You

Here we are, another weekend.  I am back in Springfield for the night.  My old advisor and graphic design teacher had his retirement party earlier this evening so I thought it would be fun to come down and congratulate him.  I also saw a few of my other favorite professors from the art department.  My printmaking teacher remembered me and how I cut three prints into strips and lined all the pieces up together!  I didn't know anyone else there so it was a quick stop in; however, I did walk around to look at all the senior projects, and ventured up to the second floor for a peek at the old drawing studio!

I had today off from work, which was nice.  I usually open on days I drive down here so my sleep schedule gets even more messed up than usual, but not this time!  I slept in, got coffee and ran an errand, then started getting ready.  I got a new dress a few weeks ago and figured this was the perfect opportunity to wear it.  Mom helped sew the arm openings in the middle, so now its much more comfortable.

And now I'm just killing a little time at Bread Co, enjoying a salad and writing a few posts, before continuing on with the night.  Hope you have some fun plans this weekend, and  don't forget Sunday is Mother's Day!

(photos by e.hunt)

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