Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Les Attrapeurs de Nuages

We had some exciting weather this weekend, which mainly consisted of rain and cooler temperatures.  I was off work on Saturday so I had the pleasure of joining Mom and Dad on their weekly trip to Kaldi's.  One mocha mocha special coming up!

Afterwards Mom and I went to Target to pick up a few things.  I have pretty much moved back down to my second floor auxiliary room, on account that it is just too hot to sleep upstairs, and I wanted to get one of those set of hooks that hangs on the back of a door.  It took a little searching, but I did find one that does the trick.  We also got a new door mat for the front porch and an early Father's Day gift for Dad!

Later that night I was watching a little tv while Mom and Dad were both out and I started to hear loud, pinging rain.  Looking out the window, I could see little bits of hail bouncing off of the roof and onto the ground.  I had to take a closer look so I stood outside the back door and picked up a pretty good-size piece.

The hail continued for a while longer, but then it started to get sunny, while it was still raining!  I went back outside because the sky was this weird, pale yellow color.  What I saw through the glittering hail falling from the sky was a rainbow!

(photos by e.hunt)

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