Friday, April 8, 2016

The Whole Day Flopped Around

Shelby and Alyssa got into St. Louis around 1:15am on Sunday night.  I was napping on the couch before they arrived, but luckily, Alyssa was still hopped up on coffee so she said she would drive the first leg.  I got a couple more hours of sleep before switching with her.  We got into Nashville around 6:30 and stopped for gas and more Starbucks.  It was here that I found out Alyssa used to work at one too; go baristas!

We continued the drive, taking turns in the back seat for nap time.  And then we made it across the Florida line!

At this point we were too excited to sleep so we started chatting and pointing out palm trees and Spanish moss and other southern, Florida-like things.  We arrived at our hotel around 2pm and went straight out to the beach.

It was absolutely lovely: clear skies, a bit of a breeze, and even though the water was pretty cold, it was clear and refreshing.  I went for a nice, long walk which was much needed after so much time in the car, and then built a small sandcastle.

After heading in for the night, we decided that a grocery store run, sandwiches, and a little tv before going to bed sounded like the best plan.  And that way we could get up and be on the beach nice and early for day two!

(photos by e.hunt, and s.zook)

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