Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello Spring

The next day we staked out a spot on the front line bright and early, and I got right to work on a sandcastle.  Bringing the big shovel was a good move.

It was tiring work.  I usually don't help too much on all the pre-work like digging, packing, and water injection, and it's a lot to do all on your own.  After letting the pile sit for a while, we started the carving and forms.  Shelby helped me on the double-stacked forms by holding the bottom tower while I dropped the smaller form on top.  And on the last one, Shelby made the drop!

After this I thought it really needed some tunnels so Shelby, Alyssa, and I started digging, each from a different side.  It became quite the undertaking, with all of us up to our shoulders before breaking through in the middle.  I really wanted to have someone take a picture of all of us like that but it didn't end up happening.  After helping carve a little bit more, the girls lost interest and went back to their books, so I moved on to stairs and detail work.

In the middle of all this detail, the tide started to rise, which meant disaster would come to the front side if something wasn't done.  The moat was working beautifully so I didn't want to stop that, and decided on digging it out again and making a blockade in the front.

And it certainly did the trick!  At this point the castle was starting to gain some attention from passersby, and the friendly couple sitting behind us.  They asked if I had taken some sort of sandcastle class or something!  I replied with the usual, nope, just years of practice and creativity.

That night we went out for seafood and drinks at a club in Destin.  It was quite fun, but as a result, we all were moving pretty slow the following day.  It was also chilly and windy on the beach so it turned into just a relaxing day.  After another round of seafood, I wasn't feeling so great so I had an early night in the room while the girls went out again.  The next morning we decided to leave because it was supposed to rain pretty heavily later in the day.  Even though it was just a few short days, it was absolutely lovely to get out of town and on a beach.  I had a wonderful time catching up with Shelby, who I don't get to see as often as I would like, and it was also fun meeting someone new.

(photos by e.hunt)

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