Thursday, March 3, 2016

When the Wind Is Blowing In the East; 'Tis Not Fit For Man Nor Beast

Another notable non-posted event from the past couple weeks is the strange weather we've been having: snow one day, seventy degrees out the next!  One of those snow days I was able to sleep in; no work and the sleepy opening of my shades to this snow-land wonder.

It was beautiful, and wasn't enough that it lasted for days and days, which is always such a slushy, grey problem.  And the second one, well, was a bit worse.  I was opening that day at work, and luckily, it wasn't deep enough for the roads to be really bad yet.  It was rather hard to see driving to work though!

I got there a few minutes late, and surprisingly, we had people waiting at the door at our 5am opening.  After that first round though we were empty.  It was kindof nice: we made ourselves drinks and watched the snow fall.

And by the time I was off work, the roads were all cleaned off and easy to drive on.

(photos by e.hunt)

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