Thursday, March 3, 2016

No TV Week

Ironically, after posting two posts about movies, this post is going to be about not watching any TV at all.  I had the idea a couple weeks ago, and decided I would spend a whole week not watching any Netflix or TV.  I had a couple projects I'd been wanting to spend a little time on but it's so easy to just go upstairs every night, take a shower, and then start a movie before my early-for-work bedtime.  And then I remembered back in elementary school we did a No TV Week in the spring where we had to document what we did at home rather than watch TV.  We never had an issue watching too much TV, although we did spend a while every day playing video games.

Anyway, I talked to Taylor about it and he was interested in joining, although his would be more of a No Youtube Week, as that is where he spends a lot of time.  He was coming home that weekend so we thought we'd plan it out a little more, make it a little more official, and begin that Monday.  By this time, Mom and Dad were on board as well.

It was a tough week, but I started several projects, did a little reading, cleaned up my room, and got ahead of some homework.  I cleaned up and cleaned out several areas in my room, set up a coffee station, and Mom and I went out for margaritas one night too!  The week was about being productive, and I have to say, I feel like I accomplished a lot.  We talked about trying to do a week here and there throughout the rest of the year, which I think is a fantastic idea.  Stay tuned (ha!) for round two!

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