Monday, March 21, 2016

Children of Spring Never Grow Old

Last weekend Taylor came home for Spring Break.  Hard to believe that it's already Spring Break time; I feel like classes just started up again!  Anyway, his was this last week, Mom's is this week, and then mine is the following week.  It's been fun having Taylor home.  I've been on a new work schedule trend where my boss schedules me fewer days during the week, but for longer shifts on the days that I do work.  It's fine with me, and I've had a few more normal days to hang out with Taylor while he's home.

Last weekend we had a big Sunday dinner with Nana and Grandma.  We had decided earlier in the week that it would be fun to make homemade margaritas, so Dad was squeezing fresh lime juice when I walked in from work.  Margarita night had begun!

We found a good recipe and mixed everything together in the shaker.  We even put salt on the rims of the glasses!

It was probably the best margarita I've ever had.  While indulging in the Mexican favorite, Dad and Taylor barbecued a variety of meats and veggies (including zucchini of course!).

Between the meats, veggies, rice, and salad, we had quite a spread when everything was put on the table.  It looked and tasted delicious!  And as a bonus, daylight savings happened that morning so it was still light out when we sat down to eat.

(photos by e.hunt)