Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I'll Take All of the Sweet Potatoes, Please

The house is all clean and ready for our Thanksgiving party tomorrow.  We trade off hosting duties each year with one of the other Hunt brothers, and this year, it's our turn!  It will be a little strange though because neither Andrew or Taylor will be there.  Andrew hasn't been in town for Thanksgiving for years, but usually I have Taylor to help represent our family.  Not this year, but we are talking about face-timing each of them on a different phone so it'll be like they're there.  It'll be kind of funny because not only will they be able to see all of us, but they will be able to see each other too, phone to phone!

Anyway, I guess it's time to start planning what I'm going to wear.  Thanksgiving has always been a little more casual than Christmas, with the girl cousins usually wearing colorful jeans and sweaters rather than a nice dress.  But I may wear a dress or a skirt this year, since I won't be here for Christmas.  Something along these lines.

(photos collected from shopstyle,,, and popsugar)

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