Thursday, November 19, 2015

Today Should Have Been Friday

Well, I just signed up for a thirty day free trial of Amazon Prime, which features the highly desirable free two-day shipping option.  I ordered up a few items, to be delivered on Friday... Friday!  Fleece leggings, a new, wintery phone case, and season three of Game of Thrones will be arriving on our doorstep at any moment, and I can't wait.

And today, I found the first few radio stations playing constant Christmas music.  I guess the week before Thanksgiving is acceptable.  I seem to recall it started November 1st last year, which is a bit early.  I enjoy Christmas music, but not for two solid months!  I wonder if all public places play it in Europe like they do here.

Well, this post got a little ramble-y, but who cares.  These are my thoughts for the day, paired with some recent Instagram finds.  I hope you enjoyed tuning in!

(photos collected from Instagram: thefrontdoorproject, thesartorialist, and pumpkintheraccoon)

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