Thursday, July 2, 2015

Front Porch Storm Chasing

The summer storm of the century rolled through the other night, and between the lighting, wind, strange sky colors, and suspicious clouds, it became quite the event.  Our front porch provides a perfect viewing platform, opening to three different directions.  We watched the lightning for a bit, with a representative running back to check the tv for updates every few minutes, before an ominous-looking cloud started to dip downward.  It was moving fast, and in a spiraling pattern; we were definitely watching the beginning formation of a tornado!  It eventually broke up back into the cloud line, but then the wind and rain started.  We could hear this roaring sound slowly getting closer and as we watched the rain wall hit our street, Dad yelled, "Get inside!" and he closed the front door right before the rain slammed against it.  I really wish I would have gotten some video of that scene; it would have been like a movie!  The rain ended almost as soon as it started, and the rest of the night continued without any further excitement, but that first hour was quite beautiful to see, in that 'wow, nature is crazy' kind of way.

(photos by e.hunt)

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