Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Voudriez-Vous Un Verre de Vin?

I'm done with summer classes (never again), I'm done with attending weddings for the season, and I'm done with four weekends in a row of busy-ness (Springfield for Hannah's wedding, family in town, Kelsey's wedding/family in town, and Nashville road trip, whew!).  But, now that I'm done with all of those things, I will be blogging again!

Let's start with last weekend's wedding.  It was for another old sorority friend, Kelsey, and this time I had met the groom, Daniel.  My date, Shelby, was in the wedding, but the idea was that while she was doing bridesmaid duties, I could hang out with the rest of the Zeta attendees.  Kelsey was generous enough to invite me along to the rehearsal dinner, which was at a local, but still an hour drive away, winery.  It could not have been more lovely.  We sat, reminiscing about old happenings and watching the grapes grow.

The tiramisu dessert was to die for.

Despite our after-a-big-dinner lull, I convinced everyone to get up and explore the grounds.  We marched out to the field by the barn and decided that we would definitely need to find a way to get to the vine rows beyond the vegetation line.

After a few pictures of the group and a selfie with the bride, we frolicked along the edge until finding a way through.  It was worth it, because the vineyards were just as beautiful as I imagined, and now we knew why the wine was so delicious!

(photos by e.hunt)

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