Saturday, July 4, 2015

Who Would Do What We Do, If We Wouldn't Do It?

Last night I accomplished one of my many personal style shot goals: middle of the street pose!  Silly, I know, but the reason why it's a big deal is that one, there are usually cars on streets.  Two, if I were by myself and a car came, I would have to awkwardly walk from where I was posing to the tripod, pick it up, then walk to the side, whereas with someone else snapping we could just both run at the sight of a vehicle.  This brings me to number three, if I were by myself, I could only see in one direction.  What happens if a car comes from behind me and I can't see it?!  Oh, logistics.  As you can see, the key to this whole thing was having someone else there.  In last night's case, it was Taylor.  We walked almost all the way home from Dewey's in the middle of backroads, and amazingly, when we got to our fairly busy street, there weren't any cars there either!

(photo by t.hunt)

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